Hello and a warm welcome to your home away from home! You know that feeling of getting home after a long day? Nothing quite like it, right? We SUITE HOME have traveled quite extensively ourselves, and whilst abroad, the feeling of coming home after a long day was what we missed the most - except for our families and close ones, of course. So, we set out to recreate this feeling for you, the ones looking to make Bucharest your home. And we are happy to say that we have succeeded. Since 1999 we made it our top priority to make sure that your stay in Bucharest is comfortable, stress-free and fun. Thus, put at your disposal beautifully furnished and fully equipped apartments, in top central locations, which are complemented premium services and authentic Romanian Hospitality. Once you step inside you will find everything you would in your own home, from a comfortable mattress, quality kitchen appliances, impeccable sound system, your favorite tv-channels and so much more. We understand that your time is very valuable and often limited. Thus we offer a multitude of services guaranteed to cater to your every need. You can have food prepared for you at home, your dog walked, your clothes taken to the dry cleaners, at home spa and beauty services or your personal guide to help you explore Bucharest - you name it. New cities can be difficult to navigate. But don’t worry! At Suite Home, we’ve gone the extra mile and hacked the particularities for you! Whether you’re looking to rent a car, for legal/fiscal consultancy, to hire a translator or to book an elegant space for a meeting, we have made a selection of the best there is in town. Moreover we also facilitate access to the best dental, surgical, beauty and wellness services and put at your disposal round the clock medical and technical assistance! Your home away from home is only a click away! If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Bucharest, book an apartment today and become an honorary guest of the Suite Home family.

                             HOME SUITE HOME!


Expat Fair 3, 12:30 PM, November 19, The Ark

Expat Fair 3, 12:30 PM, November 19, The Ark

The third edition of the Expat Fair is around the corner and we are going back to where it all started!

See you on Saturday the 19th of November at The Ark for a day full of information and inspiration!

The Expat Fair is the only event of its kind in Bucharest - the first large-scale meeting point for internationals and services tailored to their needs.

At the Expat Fair you will find:
- Fair
- Workshops
- Networking.

Depending on the type of business you represent, the event offers you: ...
- the chance to meet face to face the representatives of the companies offering the services you need
- workshops on topics of interest for you
- networking opportunities
- generates concrete business results
- qualified leads
- business partnerships
- actual sales.

The event will also celebrate the launch of the 9th edition of the travel and expat guide City Compass Romania: Bucharest & Beyond starting with 18.00 and will bring together around 200 guests – readers, expats in Romania, dear clients, collaborators, friends and event partners.

The launch of the City Compass Guide is an excellent occasion to meet, mingleand network in an intercultural environment.

Expat CEOs, entrepreneurs, expat groupmembers, department leaders of the TOP100 companies, diplomatic representativesin Romania, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce in Romania, consultants, foreign investors, international schools and guest writers.

More details to follow!

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Autoboca rent-a-car & leasing operational

Autoboca rent-a-car & leasing operational

Do you need a car for a specific period of time? Do you want to rent a car but you don’t know where to start? Autoboca rent-a-car & leasing operational can help you rent anytime you want quality cars, optimal for the roads you’re about to undertake. Why should you choose to rent a car from our company? Autoboca offers you daily access to a professional rent a car services, which are easy to access and also stress-free! You will find Autoboca offices in some of the most important Romanian towns and airports. We wanted for our clients only the best, which implied fast access to professional renting services.

Every client can now rent a quality car from us in a pleasant and comfortable manner – with no stress involved. Our firm has an online renting and reservation form very easy to fulfil, which takes only a couple of minutes. You can now access our services and rent a quality car at affordable prices. Every day you will find Autoboca agents, with years of experience in the field, ready to help you rent without problems any car you want. You will be able to rent fast the desired car and then start driving to any location without encountering difficulties.

You should know that clients receive the cars clean and with full tanks of gas. We don’t want you to waste time. Our welcoming cars can be used in order to explore some of the loveliest areas in Romania. Why shouldn’t you drive a quality car anywhere you want? Why shouldn’t you take advantage of promotions and advantageous prices? At Autoboca you will always find professional car renting services, which we believe won’t let you down. You can contact us ever day: on our website (, Facebook or by phone 0733508484.


Best Value Holiday (BVH) is a Swedish-Romanian travel agency whose goal is to offer people coming to Romania the greatest travel experience of their life. BVH’s method is to include in its packages only the best offers in the market in terms of value for money, all suppliers and services having been selected after a thorough evaluation. 

BVH offers tourists and visitors state-of-the-art ingredients for the time of their lifetime. Packages are structured according to visitors’ needs, so that they can become master chefs of their own perfect holiday! 


More information at:

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Bucharest British Dental Place are British owned and family run. We offer you a home away from home dental experience by British staff and British trained professionals at a fraction of the cost elsewhere (a saving of 50-70%)without the worry of anything being lost in translation.


We only work with Top Specialists and conform to the latest EU guidelines on standards and sterilisation.  We perform all procedures under magnification (microscopic dentistry) and only work with materials of the highest quality and that are made to last. We constantly invest in state of the art equipment and technology and when necessary, we collaborate with the best dental laboratories in the country.



Crowns in 1 hour – using the latest CEREC 3d Technology - Video

Single Implants or Full Mouth Restorations

Veneers/Smile Makeover

Root Canal Treatment

Microscopic Dentistry

General Dentistry and Oral Surgery  


If you would like to have any dental work done during your visit to Bucharest please email us at and we will quickly respond with treatment options and estimated costs.


More detailed information can be found here:ReviewsThe Team, , Our Credentials


Suite Home Client's Discount – 10% off treatment Prices (excluding promotions)


Current Promotion - Bredent Premium Implant - 400 EURO


This is a massive discount of 200 euros, on a German manufactured and precision engineered implant.  This market leading implant has been tried and tested for over 30 years.  It is used by dentists worldwide because it is known to last, which also means you have the reassurance of regular maintenance back home.  


You can take advantage of a fully restored implant at 700 euros instead of 900 euros (offer includes Bredent premium implant, standard healing cap and abutment and porcelain fused to metal crown).


Get in Touch


Bucharest British Dental Place

No 37, Strada Putul lui Zamfir, Bucharest, Romania

UK: +44 (0)208 123 04 65 or +44 (0)788 591 83 86or RO: +40 (0) 744 488 812

Email: / Web:


Degusteria Francesca
A Shop & Bistro with Italian artisanal products!

A simple, natural world.
Our story is about regions of unique beauty,  where people meet with tradition. They make special products out of seemingly simple ones, thanks to the love for the Italian tradion and willingness to respect it.
.We offer traditional Italian products, which have kept the name and recipes hundreds of years. Discover our world of natural and simple goods, yet filled with refined and tempting tastes.
The secret of a quality life relies on quality products! We offer natural products and thus we are continuously trying  to approach a healthier lifestyle. We invite you into a world of Italian quality and tradition.
Discover, learn, taste and share with your loved ones! Discover the passion for taste, tradition and culture of Italian gastronomic cuisine. We work with over 37 artisanal vendors from all over Italy, with an assortment of over 1,000 products in 17 categories.
Taste and you will be enchanted by the unique and 100% natural origin of these products, made with love and respect of the tradition.
Share with the loved ones and impress your precious guests!

What we can offer:
• Bistro dishes and products, which can also can be delivered to your home or office.
• In Eminescu location, we are offering  a light breakfast and lunch, only in our bistro opened inside the store.
• Unforgettable gourmet gifts. Italian culinary culture deserves to be spread for a better life. All our gourmet gifts are customizable to suit budgets and tastes of our customers.
Shop online:  with home delivery from 9:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday. We also deliver on Saturdays from  9:00 to 18:00.
Store Degusteria Pipera - Sos. Pipera Tunari. 17
Phone: 0749 500 900
Shop / Bistro Degusteria Eminescu - Str. Mihai Eminescu 102-104.
Tel: 0749 555 000


The company WeTranslate was founded from the passion for translating and working with people, engaging with enthusiasm and dedication in all translation and interpreting projects, therefore earning the trust of all our customers, walking hand in hand to success.

WeTranslate provides translation and interpreting services for at least 40 foreign languages, in 30 areas of specialization, providing services of the highest quality, with specialized translators, also facilitating the notarization of translations, as the case may be.


Alpha Cab is the newest premium transport service in Bucharest, dedicated to business people and expats. We only work with Mercedes cars, both for individual and group transfer, and all our vehicles are driven by professional, English speaking chauffeurs.


Alpha Cab intents to create a system which offers total control over the ride for the client, starting with programming, definition of destination and journey and up to the value of the drive and check-up of the driver and vehicle before departure.


A ride with Alpha Cab can be programmed by telephone, on the website ( or through the mobile application, available for Android and iOS. The payment methods available are: cash, with the credit/debit card in the car, or online, by card.


Alpha Cab can be used for daily rides around the city, for journeys to and from the airport or even for longer journeys, outside the city.


In addition to the transportation services we also offer the Drive Your Car option, which gives clients the availability of an Alpha Cab driver for their personal vehicle in different day to day situations.


You can find more information on Alpha Cab at and I am always available for details!


All the best!


Restaurant Cézanne – glamour de la cuisine by Cezar Munteanu

Restaurant Cézanne – glamour de la cuisine by Cezar Munteanu

Cézanne – glamour de la cuisine by Cezar represents an oasis of history and beauty, culinary art and leisure, in the middle of a vibrant area. The restaurant is placed in a Romanian neo architectured house, where Chef Cezar Munteanu, inspired by the art of the painter he admires the most, harmoniously combines the elements of a complete gastronomical experience.    

Located in Charles de Gaulle Square, close to Herastrau Park, the restaurant is set up on two levels and comprises a downstairs main area, with a 50 seats capacity, and a terrace overlooking the park. Upstairs, we could find a warm atmosphere, a space consisting of four rooms with multiple accomodating capacity. The location is fully equipped in order to host press events, business meetings, product launches and corporate events.

The entire context of the restaurant, through the mélange of imposing fireplace carved by  Brancusi himself, the role of conspiratorial house assigned by Carol the second and the subtle facsimile of works of the French painter Paul Cézanne – is transpiring also in the daring menu of one of the most appreciated Romanian chefs.


The menu is made of carefully chosen ingredients, designed with great creativity and knowledge of nutritional balance, so that the customers benefit of a complete experience.


Useful information

The restaurant Cézanne by Cezar Munteanu is located in Charles de Gaulle Square no. 3 and is open everyday from 12:00 until 22:00. Reservations: 0747.512. 141.

Web page:; Facebook:




WORD UP provides a full spectrum of language services to help organizations and individuals perform better and achieve greater success.

  1. Foreign Language Courses
  2. Romanian for Expats
  3. Language Audit
  4. Translation & Interpretation


TravelMaker is an inbound touroperator based in Bucharest, Romania. We operate individual and group tour programs in Romania and Bulgaria, an airport shuttle service and private transfers. We also provide hotel accommodation all over Romania, short trips, city break packages and event planning.

TravelMaker Team is made of young members, very passionate about their work and permanently looking to innovate and create new projects in the tourism field. We enjoy our work and that is why our customers <Enjoy Romania!>. TravelMaker is a member of the National Association of Travel Agents (ANAT - and International Air Transport Association (IATA - TravelMaker is also recommended on TripAdvisor, the world s largest travel site, enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip.


Metropolitan Hospital is the newest private hospital set to bring together the best physicians, high-end equipment, premium services and an environment full of life (starting from conception, birth and treatments or interventions for the management or prevention of diseases). Access to all these is possible in a special location, with large and friendly spaces that combine safety, warmth and elegance.

Metropolitan Hospital provides medical services crucial to your life, from birth to senior age, both by examinations and outpatient treatment, (natural or C-section) births and by a wide range of surgical interventions. The healthcare team will focus on patients 24/7 in on-call lines, ensuring high quality expertise.

On a 10,000m2 area, the hospital includes a general operating theatre with 4 operating rooms, a physiological delivery unit and an ophthalmology operating theatre.

It is ranged on 3 levels (basement, ground floor and 1 floor) and it includes 81 beds, single or VIP units.

We welcome you at Metropolitan Hospital, to solve early any health issue that may trouble you.


Beauty by Academica brings together several specialties responsible for the way we look, for the freshness of our skin and for the harmony of shapes, the skin uniformity, elasticity and radiance, and for the beauty of the smile, such as: cosmetic dermatology, esthetic & vascular surgery and stomatology.

Starting with rejuvenating treatments, continuing with procedures of body reshaping or laser assisted liposuction, our attention focuses on safe, modern and minimally invasive treatments and procedures, and when it comes to dermocosmetic procedures, we know that less is definitely more. Our customers want natural-looking results and it is precisely in this that we are constantly specializing.

By working with the best surgeon doctors and specialists in procedures which use the laser technology and the radio frequency, masters of the knife or the cutter, with years of experience in the field, and combining their talent with the best technologies and with the exceptional care for the patient, our customers will benefit from remarkable results, obtained in safety.


Viorel Copolovici is an atypical Romanian chef. After studying journalism and working in marketing for more than 10 years, he chose to dedicate himself entirely to cooking because it was here that he found the vocation that would allow him to fulfil his personal mission – that of creating memorable experiences for people. After two experiences as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business – one in Romania and one in Brazil – and after studying gastronomy in London, at the prestigious culinary institute Le Cordon Bleu, Viorel created a culinary studio in Bucharest. Here, he offers practical workshops and culinary demonstrations for amateurs, as well as for professional chefs. Taste Learners has become a space where teams from various companies choose to encounter the magic of cooking, either in culinary team buildings or in private dining experiences, often bringing here guests from abroad. The subjects for the cooking exercises or the themes for the private dining menus are always personalized according to the needs, interests and requirements of clients. Given his experience in marketing, as well as the cooking skills he acquired over the past 10 years, Viorel Copolovici is deeply focused on creating valuable experiences for his clients as well as choosing the best possible ingredients, according to the season. Our partner speaks fluent English and is also able to converse in French and Portuguese. Pairing wines to the chosen menu is another of Viorel’s favourite subjects.

Together with our culinary partner, we can offer you the following services:



Design and style. by designer DEEA BUZDUGAN

Design and style. by designer DEEA BUZDUGAN

DEEA BUZDUGAN is a well-known Romanian fashion designer. In 2008 she gave up her career as a lawyer and began to follow her childhood passion for design and fashion.

DEEA BUZDUGAN  is about creating special moments. This brand features a mix of classic beauty, independent and modern spirit, with sensuality and glamorous style. Femininity and elegance are the main ingredients.

Each collection presents timeless pieces special designed for refined, independent and modern women.

Attention to detail, a clean line of the cut and an exquisite design are the main pillars of  DEEA BUZDUGAN brand. 

“Style. by designer” is a concept of styling created by designer DEEA BUZDUGAN.

The  experience she gained over the years working directly with many different clients is now base for a very complex, unique and custom styling process for each project.


DEEA BUZDUGAN can help you with both design and styling for any type of event. You can choose a piece from the brand collections or you can have a unique attire designed by her especially for you.


Please join us to experience the sartorial atmosphere of Roycroft & Ross available now for connaisseurs in our showroom in Bucharest, where we kindly invite you to a discussion about style and attitude with our distinguished experts. The meetings are exclusively dedicated to each individual customer, who appreciates the value of privacy and, therefore, all the visits are organized only based prior appointment.
We will be honored to meet you and present you with the fabrics and accessories from which we can together tailor any outfit according to your most extravagant preferences.

Location: Str. Musetesti, nr. 16, sector 1, Bucuresti (near Crystal Palace)


If you ever find yourself in search of video production services for your business, Blue Film is the Romanian video marketing agency you should definitely give a chance. Say you need a short presentation of your Romanian subsidiary or maybe some convincing testimonials from your most important clients to show the headquarters or the potential investors?

These are just a few examples this creative, ambitious team is willing to shoot for you amongst the fairest prices on the market. And just to be clear, we are talking from experience.

Have something on your mind? Just shoot it! Making a video can’t be as hard as you imagine and at Blue Film they surely know how to deal with all kinds of challenges you may have. And also to have some fun!

Already thinking about a corporate video for your business? Go ahead and contact them!

Contact: / +40 736 047 894

Dear guest,

Do you think the one around you have already everything and you can’t surprise them anymore?
Do you have an idea but you don’t know how to make it real and actually you don’t have time for this?
Do you want to give something that will be remembered in 3 months? Or in 3 years? Or maybe even in 30 years?

Discover a new way of giving, an experience in which the gifts you offer to the beloved or important ones are not simple objects, but become precious moments!

We have created, with the support of our “complicit” partners, an extensive portfolio of gifts available on in which we included from helicopter flights or tandem parachute jumps to SPA experiences, private sessions of cooking, make-up, floral arrangements or custom made elegant dresses and jewelry by romanian designers and so much more!

Still, if you want to give a unique gift, we are happy to assume the acComplice role. As soon as you offer us some details about the one you want to surprise, we will discover together what this person whish or doesn’t even know it yet. We will bring ingenious ideas, we will choose a concept and build the surprising present or event around it, preparing it in the smallest details so in the end you will give more than a gift, you will give an unforgettable experience.

Through the services provided, we want you to enjoy both the moment when you give and the moment when you get a gift.
We do everything with passion and care because we wish to live a happy life and this is easier when we are surrounded by happy people.
Give. Experience. Enjoy.